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Stale/invalid shares
posted 01/24/2018 15:56:01 by AelitaX

As you might have noticed, our efficiency has dropped very hard. This was due a small miss-configuration on our part. This caused for an update latency which resulted that the difficulty wasn't passed on correctly to the workers. This has been solved now. You'll see the efficiency rise again from this moment on (all though slowly, the invalid shares were spammed, because everyone was at 0.0 difficulty at some point) This doesnt affect the amount of XMG you will get rewarded, as invalid shares are not counted for in the end.

Slowly growing
posted 01/14/2018 19:32:45 by AelitaX

Our pool is now slowly growing out! This is great news! The bigger we get the more chance we've got to get blocks and rewards!

On a side note, you might have noticed that the rewards are extremely low. This is due the massive explosion in hashing power from the entire MAGI network. The rewards are slowly going up, but it will take several weeks until its up to a profitable level. I have to ask you all, to keep mining until that does. Currently there are quite a lot big whales (People who mine with immense high hashing power) who are trying to catch along with the MAGI hype train. This will die down eventually. This means that meanwhile we have to keep strong and support the network. Same goes out of the actual worth of a MAGI coin, it used to be around the $1.80 mark but it seems to be stuck around the $1.40. Which is still good, but I expect it to rise when the whales die down, as currently the rewards are too low for people to get excited about it. Just keep it up and eventually everything will catch on!

Just opened
posted 01/07/2018 18:49:09 by AelitaX

Hi there!

We simply just opened today (7 januari 2018 at 6:48 PM GMT +1) and are still working out some kinks.
But everything seems to be working fine!